PDR repairer in South Australia Restores Shape and Shine to your vehicle
Paintless Dent Removal – Maintains Original Paintwork on Style Line

Having hail or other damage to your car or vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sell it or resort to a traditional bog and paint job.

Thousands of satisfied customers have benefited from Erasadents cost effective Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ).

The benefits of Erasadents Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ) have already been touched on in other blogs – and we continue to feature them here.

We are going to highlight some more benefits Erasadents PDR process this week. Being - • keeps existing paint workrestores car to original shape and shineless intrusive

‘The eye - brows have it.’

This Subaru Outback had a similar issue to the Red Mazda CX 7 mentioned in a previous blog.

Being damaged on the style-line of the left-hand front guard, we had to work the eyebrow first for optimum results.

We use a combination of tools including a double bend with a soft tip on it. This allows us " to spread out the force when pushing, to prevent causing sharp high spots. It also moves a lot more steel with each push. "

Paintless Dent Removal – Maintains Original Paintwork on Style Line

After the majority of the dent has been removed, we can move on to "use a sharper knock made of acrylic or metal and a sharp tip on the rod [we’re] pushing with, to be able to work on the finer details to finish the final 10%ish of the repair. "

This final part of the job - the fiddly last 10% of the work - is what separates "the experts from the" inexperienced or "average technician".

And this is the reason our clients choose us at Erasadent to do their job.

At Erasadent our PDR expertise is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our customers know that they can rely on us to give them high-quality workmanship and good turnaround times - with exceptional results every time.

Be assured that you can trust our team of expert staff to talk you through the process and give you the repair you deserve.

Our quality guarantee gives you the satisfaction you need to choose Erasadent as your Paintless Dent Removal repairer of choice in the greater Adelaide area.

We are also set up to go mobile at very short notice – so put us to the test.

As RAA approved repairers, we have passed and continue to maintain all the stringent standards that this specialised trade requires.

At Erasadent we set the standard - as we helped the RAA to create the right code of practice for the industry.

You can trust Erasadent to meet all of your requirements too.

Give us a call or email today to discuss a quote and schedule your vehicle for repair.

By trusting your vehicle to Erasadent’s qualified technicians, who have literally thousands of hours of experience and technical know-how, you can reap great results for your vehicle’s dent repair.

Erasadent are also adept at removing hail damage without the need for paint or bog. Having great success with motorbike tanks also.

  • This restores the car to its original shape and keeps the existing paintwork.

The quality needs to be seen to be believed.

For satisfaction guaranteed - Put your car, motorbike, work or even luxury vehicle in the hands of Erasadent for your next Paintless Dent Repair.

Erasadent successfully work on specialist vehicles as well such as - Custom Cars, Trucks, Caravans and Vans.

Call or email the friendly staff at Erasadent today to see how we can impress you with our high quality work.

What people are saying about our dent repairs...

  • Steve Bell

    What a great place to deal with. Friendly and professional. Did a great job on my Outlander today. Couldn't fault anything to do with them. Highly recommend this company as a go to first. Thanks.

  • Adam Carter

    My son's car had a small dent in one of the doors. Left it with them for a few hours, & the dent was COMPLETLY removed. Amazing! Much cheaper than a crash repairer had quoted. Very impressed! Great people to deal with too.

  • Cain Kemp

    Like the other reviews here, I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Ben and Michael are friendly and easy to deal with, good prices and most importantly they did an awesome job on the dent to a Peugeot 206 front panel. Even helped me get my car home! Would definitely be the first guys I'd call again and recommend them to anyone who needed a dent removed. Thanks guys!

  • Judith Louvel

    Brilliant job, all the hail dents vanished like someone waved a magic wand! Also great service, I bought my car down from Broken Hill, nothing was too much trouble, worked in with my schedule. Love your work guys, can't thank you enough.