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  • Trust Erasadent for Unrivalled Paintless Dent Removal - 2023-08-20

    Cars are such a big investment. It’s no wonder we spend so much time and money maintaining them.

    But when your pride and joy suffer's some damage or a dent, you want a quick turnaround and the most cost-effective solution available.

    Trust Erasadent for unrivalled Paintless Dent Removal

    Whether it’s for some hail damage or a shopping trolley knock - or if your motorbike has fallen over and damaged the tank, or a car park ding in your luxury car - the team at Erasadent give your vehicle the time and patience needed to restore your vehicle to its original shape and shine. They give your vehicle the attention you expect.

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  • Head Out On The Highway - Get Your Motor Running - 2023-07-27

    We know you'd rather be out on the highway with your motor running and that's why our team at Erasadent get you back out there on the road, as soon as we possibly can.

    Using the efficient PDR techniques that we have developed and the skills Erasadent have honed over the years - our productive techniques get you back on the road in the shortest time frame possible. Because we know that your time is as precious as ours is.

    PDR, Paintless Dent Removal allows us to turn your vehicle around faster than conventional repairs so that you can get back out there and on with your life. Whether that's your trade vehicle, Grammie and Poppies taxi, or your weekend luxury four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicle - we’ve got you covered.

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  • Erasadent's Great Work on a Kawasaki Ninja H2 - 2023-06-28

    Do you dream about cruising down the highway around Cape Jervis or up through the Adelaide Hills on the most advanced sport touring motorcycle ever produced?

    Can you feel the engine roaring beneath you?

    The adrenalin rushing through your veins?

    Your heart beating just that little bit faster, as the lines on the road zip past you faster than they ever have before?

    Then you must be longing for the motorcycle we did some repairs on this week.

    See pictures.

    This week, Erasadents team had the privilege of working on this Kawasaki Ninja H2.

    Could it be the best technology ever in a road bike from Kawasaki, has met the best PDR Paintless Dent Removal technicians in Adelaide?

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  • Erasadent for Hail Damage in Adelaide - 2023-06-20

    Did you receive hail damage in the hailstorm Adelaide experienced last week?

    The weather in South Australia has been unbelievably wild lately.

    The recent storm in the Adelaide Hills has caused widespread damage to vehicles across the state.

    But there is a cost effective answer to this.

    Erasadent PDR can assist with removing hail damage without the need for time consuming paintwork in many cases.

    And when there is a need for paintwork Erasadent also have that in hand.

    There's no need to feel daunted by the tasks involved with getting your vehicle repaired.

    It doesn't have to be an ordeal., Erasadent has the solutions and answers you need.

    Contact us for help and support.

    The assessment and repair process as Erasadent is quite easy and can be explained here in simple terms.

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  • News Flash ** Erasadent - Now A One Stop Shop ** - 2023-05-08

    There have been some exciting changes at Erasadent in ST. Mary’s recently, and they are all for the better.

    Now under the one roof at their site at 12 Bailey Street, you can have car detailing carried out by Procoat Custom Detailing.

    Erasadent is still giving their attention to removing the dents from your vehicles with the utmost care. But they have added to their list of offerings.

    Procoat’s Professional Detailing Services add to the already long list of services available at the site.

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  • Paintless Dent Removal – Maintains Original Paintwork on Style Line - 2023-04-23

    Having hail or other damage to your car or vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sell it or resort to a traditional bog and paint job.

    Thousands of satisfied customers have benefited from Erasadents cost effective Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ).

    The benefits of Erasadents Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ) have already been touched on in other blogs – and we continue to feature them here.

    We are going to highlight some more benefits Erasadents PDR process this week. Being - • keeps existing paint workrestores car to original shape and shineless intrusive

    ‘The eye - brows have it.’

    This Subaru Outback had a similar issue to the Red Mazda CX 7 mentioned in a previous blog.

    Being damaged on the style-line of the left-hand front guard, we had to work the eyebrow first for optimum results.

    We use a combination of tools including a double bend with a soft tip on it. This allows us " to spread out the force when pushing, to prevent causing sharp high spots. It also moves a lot more steel with each push. "

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  • Paintless Dent Removal – Both an Art and a Science - 2023-03-30

    If we look at the before and after photos of this Hilux Front Guard, we can talk through it to see how complicated this work can be.

    Damage to a large front fender is quite common. There are a lot of situations where people lean against their vehicle, or even sit on the roof. There is an inherent problem with larger vehicles and larger panels. Most commonly they have less bracing behind them. This can be a cause of concern as pressure is applied to the panel by a tradesperson or family member. The built-up energy that is applied must go somewhere, and as the panel is quite large it can produce an even larger dent than say, a smaller car might get from the same force.

    Once the dent or damage has occurred there is a lot of stored energy in the panel, and this must be carefully worked out.

    Even an experienced PDR technician can not be blasé’ about it – thinking they know just how the panel will react. A methodical working of the dent shifting from high point to low point - all the while monitoring the panel, produces the best results.

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  • Paintless Dent Removal Keeps Existing Paintwork - 2023-03-15

    If you have a silver or gold coloured car then keep in mind that if your vehicle experiences some damage to a panel, one of the best forms of repair open to you is PDR - Paintless Dent Removal.

    Keeps Existing Paintwork

    A few months ago, we highlighted Six Benefits of PDR

    Point 5 was - Keeps Existing Paint Work

    Here's a classic example of why this is one of the great aspects of Paintless Dent Removal to have in the back of your mind.

    To match a colour correctly on a Gold or Silver car or vehicle is very difficult. For this reason, one of your best and safest methods of repair for dents in these vehicles - is to get dents removed without the use of bog and spraying.

    The team at Erasadent are very experienced when it comes to getting dents out of doors like the one on this Gold Lexus IS200.

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  • CX 7 Paintless Dent Removal - 2023-02-27

    Sometimes panels come into the workshop that look way beyond the scope of PDR. If that were the case, then the panel might just have to be replaced instead of repaired.

    Fortunately, the Team of Paintless Dent Removal specialists at Erasadent have the know-how and experience along with the specialized tools to complete such difficult repairs. This Mazda CX 7’s door ( pictured ) was a case in point. To many, it would appear this dent was beyond repair. However, our professional technicians saw a challenge they could not pass up.

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  • Tucson Roof PDR Repair Success - 2023-02-16

    We’ve previously talked about the many benefits of PDRPainless Dent Removal over conventional methods of crash repair such as bog and paint – and to follow is a great example.

    This Hyundai Tucson had heavy damage to its roof. The metal was stretched nearly beyond PDR repair.

    However, by removing the roof linings to gain access, our highly experienced technicians were able to caress the dents out of the Tucson’s roof.

    With the roof racks removed, we could get good reflection with our lights, allowing us to work our magic.

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  • Mazda 3 Door Style Line PDR - 2023-01-30

    Often a particularly difficult job presents itself. A common occurrence is style line damage.

    This 3-door red Mazda was brought in for Paintless Dent Removal after a gate closed on its lower style line. Being on the lower half of the panel, the PDR tools wouldn't reach with the panel still attached to the car. So, a dent bench was utilised to work on the panel.

    Extreme care was taken as damage could be caused by an inexperienced technician when working on a style line that could leave the panel beyond paintless repair.

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  • PDR by the Professionals at Erasadent - 2023-01-17

    The SS Commodore pictured is just one of the many Commodores that Erasadent Paintless Dent Removals -in South Australia - have had success with. Removing a door dent - probably from a shopping trolley - can be difficult when on the lower part of the door panel. However using specialized tools, Erasadent has been able to work wonders on this car without the need for paintwork.

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  • Erasadent Hailstorm PDR Work - 2022-12-30

    Have you been caught up in the recent hailstorms across South Australia?

    Hail damage to your vehicle can reduce its value and make it look unsightly, and unprofessional. Especially if you need your car or van for work. But there is a cost effective and time efficient solution. Paintless Dent Removal - otherwise known as PDR.

    Using specialized tools, PDR technicians are able to remove the dents from most vehicle's panels, without the need for bog and paint.

    Erasadent have been involved in Paintless Dent Removal of hail damage across Australia for many years. Our team has successfully completed hail damage work on thousands of cars since the early 90’s.

    PDR can be undertaken on all sorts of vehicles. This includes panels on trucks, vans and motorbikes. Even luxury cars - and Erasadent have been doing just that.

    Our highly experienced and skilled staff are eager and ready to support you with your hailstorm damage, or other dented panels. Our team is happy to look at your vehicle, to give their assessment.

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  • Erasadent Successfully Use PDR on Motorcycle Tanks - 2022-12-18

    Motorcycle Tanks Can Benefit from Paintless Dent Removal

    Sometimes it's your 2 wheeled baby that experiences some damage. Even a motorcycle can have some hail damage. A common occurrence is getting a small dent in your motorbike petrol tank from a fall or kickstand problem.

    One of the great things about getting your dent removed from your motorcycle tank through Erasadent - is that they have a satisfaction guarantee. Erasadent has a strict no-charge policy if they are unable to repair the tank satisfactorily.

    People send their motorbike tanks to Erasadent from Australia Wide. The reason for this is that Erasadent is one of the few PDR businesses in Australia who can work successfully on motorcycle petrol tanks, without the need for bog and paint.

    Thanks to their specialized tools and experienced technicians, Erasadent can bring your petrol tank back to its original shape.

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  • Erasadent - South Australian PDR Specialists - 2022-11-25

    At Erasadent we love our own cars almost as much as we love yours.

    From the time you first make contact with Erasadent, you know you're in safe hands. Erasadent's Paintless Dent Removal team will professionally assess and appraise your vehicle and offer you an itemised written quote – *for private work. Then, causing a minimum of fuss - we’ll book your vehicle in at a time that suits you.
    We’ll keep you informed of the progress of your job so that you don't have any surprises and know exactly when your vehicle will be ready for you.

    Erasadent will liaise with your insurer – *on insurance claims - easing even more of your pain. We can even arrange for pick-up of your vehicle if that’s required.

    We’re fully RAA-approved, so you know you’ll get the best of care and treatment.

    We guarantee our work at Erasadent, which ensures our high standards are maintained from start to finish.

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  • PDR Dent Repairs Provide Quicker Turn Around - 2022-11-17

    PDR Saves Time

    Following on from our previous post we are looking at breaking down some of the advantages of PDR - Paintless Dent Removal over older, conventional crash repair methods when dealing with hail damage and other panel damage in your car, motorbike, or other vehicles.

    Looking at this in greater detail -

    You will remember from a previous post the 6 benefits of PDR were stated as -
    Six Benefits to Erasadents PDR

    1. quicker turn around
    2. more cost effective
    3. keeps existing paint work without the need for bog
    4. restores car to factory condition
    5. less intrusive
    6. maintains car warranty
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  • Six Benefits of Erasadent Paintless Dent Removal - 2022-10-27

    Erasadent PDR - Benefits Over Conventional Repairs

    Has your car, motorbike or work van had a recent unsightly ding or dent or received some hail damage? It doesn’t have to stay that way or be too expensive to have it repaired.

    Thousands of happy customers have experienced the merits of Erasadents cost effective Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ).

    There are many advantages in using Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ) over other more conventional methods of crash repair.

    See Six Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal below

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  • RAA Approved dent repairs - 2022-10-19

    First RAA Approved PDR repairer in South Australia saves you money

    When your pride and joy gets a ding at the shopping centre or when a storm causes hail damage to your cars panels in South Australia it reduces your cars value and leaves you with a horrible taste in your mouth.

    For Paintless Dent Removal you can rely on - turn to Erasadent. We are the trusted RAA approved PDR specialists in Adelaide.

    At Erasadent we have been repairing cars since the early 90’s and our years of experience in Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) can be seen in the finished product.

    Thousands of cars have been brought back to their pre-storm shine thanks to the craftsmanship of Erasadents technicians.

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  • Professional Car Hail Damage Repair - 2022-02-03

    Professional Car Hail Damage Repair

    If one dent on your car can drive you crazy, think about what your reaction would be if you have a dented bumper, roof, and boot. If your car spends majority of its time outside, especially during a storm, this is what an unexpected hailstorm can do. Consulting a professional car hail damage repairer after a hailstorm should be the best way to go. These experts have the required tools and experience to get your car back in shape as soon as possible. At Erasadent, we have been offering car hail damage repair for over 20 years now. Our experience puts us at the top of the list for any car owner looking to fix their dented car after a hailstorm.

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  • Paintless Door Ding Repairs - 2022-02-03

    Smile Again with Expert Paintless Door Ding Repairs

    You’ve just found an amazing parking spot in your nearby store. By the time you come back from shopping, something awful just happened. There’s a scratch or a door ding on your door. The worst part is that you can’t find out who did this to you.

    Let’s face it. Door dings are inevitable, frustrating, and the cost of repairing these damages can be expensive.

    If you are looking for the best paintless door ding repairs, Erasadent is here for you. With years of experience in ding repairs, we assure you that we can eliminate that annoying, little dent as fast as we can. Contact us today if you have any questions about appropriate paintless door ding repairs.

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  • Mobile Dent Removal - 2022-02-03

    Get Convenient Mobile Dent Removal

    If your vehicle gets a dent, you may have to leave it for several hours or days at a dent removal workshop, especially if they have several cars that they need to work on. However, nowadays, in a fast-paced life, waiting in line can be a and inconvenience. Again, if the dent is serious:

    • Getting the car in shape might be too expensive if you wait a bit longer
    • Removing the dent can be extremely difficult
    • It can affect the resell value of the vehicle

    That’s why you need to look for a mobile dent remover as soon as possible. Erasadent is a reputable paintless dent removal service that provides mobile dent removal to car owners. If you are busy, you don’t need to drive your dented car to our workshop. Instead, our skilled technicians will come to you at a convenient location with all the necessary tools required for the project.

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  • Mobile Car Dent Repair - 2022-02-03

    Guaranteed Mobile Car Dent Repair at Your Convenience

    Unexpected hailstorms and door dings in tight parking spaces can leave your vehicle looking unappealing. If you don't have time to wait in line at a dent repair workshop, you may have to drive your car with a dent for some time. However, doing so can intensify the damage. Additionally, procrastinating your visit to the workshop because you have a tight schedule can be expensive, mainly if the dent increases. It can also lower the resell value of your vehicle. Erasadent offers cost-effective, fast, and efficient mobile car dent repairs for car owners that need a quick dent fix. You no longer have to wait in line for long hours anymore, as we are ready to come to a convenient location near you, as soon as we can. All you need to do is contact our customer support team, and we'll schedule an appointment as soon as we can.

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  • Dent Removal Adelaide - 2022-02-03

    Get Quick Dent Removal Services In Adelaide

    A dent on any vehicle can destroy its overall appearance. Besides that, if you don’t remove it quickly, it can increase in size, which can later significantly affect the resell value of the vehicle.

    Looking for a dent removal expert in Adelaide as soon as possible can prevent further damage and get the vehicle back to its original look.

    At Erasadent, we understand that every vehicle owner wants their car to look good when on the road. Therefore, we provide quick dent removal services for vehicle owners in Adelaide. Additionally, we ensure that we do it effectively so that your car can regain its original shape and factory appearance all over again. Call us today to know more about our dent removal services.

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  • Car Ding Repair - 2022-02-03

    Get An Effective Repair At An Competitive Car Ding Repair Cost

    Car dings are common knocks that our vehicles and motorcycles receive. The driver parking next to you might hit your door accidentally. Alternatively, a shopping cart might hit your car and leave a small dent on it.

    While most people might consider repairing the car ding by themselves, letting a professional do it for you can ensure a better result. But as with any other services, you have to think about getting a car ding repair at an affordable cost.

    At Erasadent, we understand that repairing such damages on your cars can be costly. Therefore, as an established dent removal company, we provide excellent dent repair services at a competitive car ding repair cost. Feel free to talk to us today to get a free quote.

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  • Car Hail Damage Repair - 2022-02-03

    Professional Car Hail Damage Repair

    If one dent on your car can drive you crazy, think about what your reaction would be if you have a dented bumper, roof, and boot. If your car spends majority of its time outside, especially during a storm, this is what an unexpected hailstorm can do. Consulting a professional car hail damage repairer after a hailstorm should be the best way to go. These experts have the required tools and experience to get your car back in shape as soon as possible. At Erasadent, we have been offering car hail damage repair for over 20 years now. Our experience puts us at the top of the list for any car owner looking to fix their dented car after a hailstorm.

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  • Paintless Dent Removal Adelaide - 2022-02-03

    Quick Turnaround Paintless Dent Removal Adelaide

    Ignoring creases, door dings, bodyline damages over a long time may increase repair costs. These damages also affect the overall appearance and the resell value of your vehicle. Since you’d like to make sure that your vehicle remains as good as new, looking for a reputable paintless dent removal Adelaide as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Erasadent has been offering PDR services in Adelaide for more than 25 years. We take pride in providing fast and efficient paintless dent removal at an affordable price. Our well-trained team is ready to restore your vehicle to factory condition as soon as possible. Feel free to call us or drive to our workshop to learn more about our services.

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  • Automotive Dent Repair - 2022-02-03

    Get High Quality and Superior Automotive Dent Repair

    One of the worst things that can happen to your car is getting a dent or dings. No matter how big or small these dents are, they affect your vehicle's appearance, which you would love to keep.

    If you are looking for a permanent and environmentally friendly automotive dent repair, paintless dent removal is a modern and efficient technique that restores your vehicle’s shape.

    At Erasadent, we offer high-quality automotive dent repair at an affordable price. We’ve adopted the paintless dent removal method since it is safe, and it doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s factory painting compared to what traditional dent repair methods do. Talk to us today if you’d like to more about our dent repair services.

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What people are saying about our dent repairs...

  • Steve Bell

    What a great place to deal with. Friendly and professional. Did a great job on my Outlander today. Couldn't fault anything to do with them. Highly recommend this company as a go to first. Thanks.

  • Adam Carter

    My son's car had a small dent in one of the doors. Left it with them for a few hours, & the dent was COMPLETLY removed. Amazing! Much cheaper than a crash repairer had quoted. Very impressed! Great people to deal with too.

  • Cain Kemp

    Like the other reviews here, I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Ben and Michael are friendly and easy to deal with, good prices and most importantly they did an awesome job on the dent to a Peugeot 206 front panel. Even helped me get my car home! Would definitely be the first guys I'd call again and recommend them to anyone who needed a dent removed. Thanks guys!

  • Judith Louvel

    Brilliant job, all the hail dents vanished like someone waved a magic wand! Also great service, I bought my car down from Broken Hill, nothing was too much trouble, worked in with my schedule. Love your work guys, can't thank you enough.