Gallery - Pillars & Cant Rails Repaired

The Pillars are the vertical supports of a vehicle's window area that connects to the horizontal Cant Rails that run parallel to the roof. This closed steel frame creates a strong, rigid structure that protects the driver and passengers in the case of a severe road accident.

As the Pillars and Cant Rails are welded together, there is no access for any conventional repair tool to remove dents or dings on these strong, enclosed panels. Instead, Erasadent makes use of our glue-pulling repair method to perfectly restore any damage from the outside of the pillars and rails. As these panels are constructed in a way to make them as rigid and powerful as possible, dents in these areas can sometimes be the most difficult repairs that any dent technician will come across. You don't want to risk these repairs with just anybody - Erasadent is Adelaide's most trusted Paintless Dent Repairers, and can help with repairing any damage on the Pillars and Cant Rails of your car.