Gallery - Roofs Repaired

The Roof of a car collects the brunt of any damage that nature throws at it. Fallen branches, and especially hail damage can create multiple dents and dings throughout the entire panel. Heavier hits can pinch the Roof around its inside bracing supports, sometimes creating creases and ripples that stretch from one side of the panel to the other.

Erasadent uses a variety of repair methods to remove all sorts of dents on the Roof of a vehicle. Our technicians can glue-pull small unsightly dents where our tools may have limited access. In the case of hail damage or severe dents, many years repairing cars all throughout Australia that have been hit by our country's infamous storms have given us the experience and knowledge to expertly remove and re-install the roof lining on vehicles - creating unparalleled access for our repair tools to efficiently remove any traces of dents or creases on the Roof.